Ten years ago, Angela Melit was drowning in stress - the family dynamic at home wasn’t what she wanted, working twelve hour days, six days a week in her physiotherapy practice was running her down…and then she had to declare bankruptcy.

Now, she’s happy, debt free, has a quarter of a million dollars in the bank, and only works one day a week.

“The shift in mindset I gained from working with Quantum Orange made that transformation possible,” Angela says.

This is her story…

Ange Melit - Founder of Graceville Pysio - Quantum Orange Client for over 10 years
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Angela Melit smiling at camera


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Ange's Son

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Ange's Daughter



Ange Melit

Shortly after property investments gone wrong forced her to declare bankruptcy, Angela found herself in a seminar Paul Blackburn was guest speaking at. She liked the look of Quantum Orange material and purchased a program called Entrepreneur’s Master Class (EMC).

Angela had been lucky to retain her physiotherapy practice despite the bankruptcy, so she had income but needed a new direction. Sick of the long hours running herself and her husband (also a physiotherapist) down, Angela was looking to change the way she ran the business.

Angela & George closed their second location so they could focus on getting the primary practice operating the way they wanted. In EMC, they had the opportunity to focus on both personal and business growth. Angela recalls feeling like she was getting more out of the personal material at the time, but a decade down the track she notes she’s actually implemented a lot of the business lessons from that program.

“Perhaps I needed the personal growth before I was really ready to dramatically grow the business,” she says.

And grow she did…

During a small competition in the EMC program, Angela won a prize for boosting her monthly turnover. “That made me realise I could do it - I could start growing the business slowly and hiring new people so I didn’t have to work such long hours,” she says.

As she grew, Angela even fired her husband George, because as she puts it, “his mindset in the business just wasn’t good enough.”

When she finished the EMC program, Angela was ready to focus more specifically on how to build a team that performs well, so she started direct business coaching with Paul.

In the time they’ve been working together, the practice has grown 300%. Turnover has gone from $7,000 per week to $24,000 per week and Angela’s team of 16 runs like a well-oiled machine. The business has been valued at over a million dollars and Angela has been able to cut back her patient load dramatically. 

Angela now only works in the practice one day per week - the rest of her time is spent managing the business and being a far more active participant in her family life.

Since the practice can actually run without Angela, she’s even been able to take time off for family holidays. In recent years the Melit family have travelled to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

“The ability to have a bit of lifestyle and be present with my husband and kids - I can’t describe how wonderful that is,” Angela says.



Angela & George also made the time to work on their marriage using some of the tools they learned in Quantum Orange workshops. Their relationship had become stagnant due to the pressure of the huge workload they were under. Now, with a little help from Paul & Mary, they’re connected, happy and have created a family dynamic they’re proud of.

“I don’t feel like I’m working at all…” Angela shares.

The impact of Angela’s Quantum Orange journey has been broad to say the least. The business has flourished, her relationships and family dynamic have improved, her staff all benefit from the materials in a workplace that truly sets them up for success and she’s happily living debt free for the first time in years.

“I love how empowered I’ve felt since I started with Quantum Orange,” Angela says. “I use the tools constantly, have learned to put myself first and I’ve actually really enjoyed the journey so it hasn’t felt like work.”

Angela’s new outlook is also leaving an incredible legacy for her children - by demonstration, she’s taught them that they can have a go and do what they love, even if the road is occasionally rocky.

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Dom & Rebecca

Dom, her son, has dreamed of being a fighter pilot since he was eight years old. With encouragement from his parents and personal coaching with Paul to get his mindset exactly where it needed to be, Dom has gained a pilot license, a bachelor in aviation and has been accepted (in the top 2% in his field) to train with all three of the Australian Defence Forces. He’s only 21.

Angela’s daughter Rebecca has battled anxiety for some time, but has a really positive outlook her parents are incredibly proud of. “She’s gained the courage to go and do what she wants to do, what makes her happy and is right for her - that’s success in my mind,” says Angela.

the quantum
orange impact

If you want to make changes to your life, family, business - don’t um and ah about it, just do it.

The journey has been amazing - they didn’t give us a formula, just supplied the tools and guidance we so desperately needed.

The money we’ve spent with QO has definitely been an investment in our happiness and success. If I didn’t have the guidance I’ve had from them along the way, I’d be miserable now and so would my family.” Ange

Angela & George Family smiling at camera