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We Believe

Everyone Deserves The Second Half Of Their Life To Be The Best Half

To live with clarity and purpose, build meaningful connections and experience happiness and fulfilment over 50

When you’re young the major milestones in life are clear - get a job, find love, have a family (if you want one) and build a nest egg big enough to retire. But when you’re over 50 and those major goals are accomplished - what comes next?

It could be an amazing part of your life, with the time and money to do whatever makes you happy. But so many over 50’s feel lost and unhappy, unsure what to do for the next 20 - 30 years. Join Paul Blackburn for an immersive live coaching program that guarantees happiness and fulfilment in the second half of your life.

Design The Second Half Of Your Life


Thank You Paul! This process has been enlightening, challenging and life changing. 

I've spent my life (happily) providing for my family. My kids are adults now building their own lives and I didn't recognise the man in the mirror anymore. I had lost myself and I didn't have a clue what I wanted.

I'm happy to say I am now excited about the future and everything the next 30 years has to offer. Thank you for introducing me to the man I lost all those years ago.


I thought I was living the dream ...

When I retired I bought a camper van and set off for an adventure. I thought freedom and travel was what I had worked so hard for. I thought it would bring me happiness.

And it did - for a few years.

But then I found myself bored, lonely and over it. I was missing a sense of purpose and the days all felt the same. And I was ashamed - I thought this was what I wanted.

Thank you for all the guidance and support Paul. I've just launched by new business and I wake up every day excited to help more people. I feel bright and alive and excited for the future. 


The Unvarnished Truth


You Have A Choice To Make ...

From this point forward, your life can go one of two ways…

Option 1

Boredom, isolation & loneliness

The second half of your life can be boring, repeating itself like groundhog day and slowly isolating you until you’re disconnected from everything that used to matter to you.

You can wander through your days filling time and asking yourself, ‘Is this really it?!’

option 2

Connection, Fulfilment & Uplifting

Or, you can make sure the next 20 - 40 years is the best part of your life - productive, connected and filled with purpose.

There’s time and money to do what you want. If you know how, you can guarantee happiness and fulfilment for yourself.

You'll have the time and money to do whatever you want. If you know how, you can make sure the best is yet to come.


Facing the Brutal Reality


1 in 5 retirees rate their quality of life as less than expected.

The most cited reasons for that are: too much time with too little to do, loss of identity and purpose, financial pressure, deteriorating physical health, diminished contact with adult children.

Nearly one third of adults over 45 feel lonely.

Loneliness has been linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety, as well as increased risk of death and hospitalisation.



People who regularly experience high levels of boredom are more than 2.5 times more likely to die from heart disease or stroke than those who are satisfied.

66% of retirees feel returning to work would give them a renewed sense of purpose.

4 in 10 of those surveyed say the primary reason for considering a return to work is to meet new people, with another 40% just looking to get out of the house.

Older adults with a strong sense of purpose have a 22-33% lower risk of experiencing chronic conditions and premature mortality.



A recent review of 148 studies involving 308,849 participants concluded that people who reported strong social relationships had a 50% lower risk of premature death than those who didn’t.

Social isolation has been also linked to a significantly increase to a persons risk of death from ALL causes - a risk at the same level as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity.

If you’re over 50, those statistics should scare you. But there is good news - you can solve the problems creating them with the right approach. The fixes are simple, but life changing.



Second Life

The Second Life Blueprint



To experience the freedom to create fun and adventure.

To have a deep sense of community and meaningful connections.

To finish each day feeling productive and fulfilled.

To build a legacy and leave the world a better place.

And we’ve created an immersive coaching based program with a blueprint designed to help you do exactly that.

Module 1


Discover Clarity & Purpose

Learn how to let go of confusion and finally stop floundering long enough to recognise your outdated strategies. Create a rock-solid mindset that allows you to think positively and gives you focus and direction.

  • Strategic Direction
  • Unlocking Clarity & Purpose
  • Changing Negative Thoughts
Second life blueprint 1
second life blueprint 2

Module 2


Become Bulletproof

Understand you are your own biggest obstacle and explore old limiting beliefs so you can let them go and live fully present, accountable and ready for action. Create emotional strength and stability that ensures you are calm, confident and connected. Become bulletproof.

  • Unshakeable Inner Strength
  • Authentic Uplifting Connections
  • Unwavering Confidence

Module 3


Transform Into A Powerhouse

Discover exactly what you need to do to ditch boredom and procrastination so you can contribute to your community and be genuinely productive. Find limitless motivation and walk through each day full of energy and life.

  • Bulletproof Motivation
  • Vibrance & Vitality
  • Endless Energy
second life blurprint 3
second life blurpint 4

Module 4


Discover & nurture the Real Inner You

Establish rituals that will transform you from uncertain to calm, content and focused. Get to know yourself well enough to embrace the continual growth life brings with ease and grace. Find love and peace within.

  • Who Are You
  • Finding Fulfilment
  • Unlocking Inner Peace

This is more than a course.

It’s an immersive coaching program designed
to ensure you implement the blueprint that will guarantee

the best is yet to come

Enroll Today

Design your life

Master the second half of your life

Each fortnight, The Second Life Blueprint has a new subject that focuses on a key concept crucial for building a future you can revel in. We’ll walk you through it every step of the way, so we’ve structured the program to include:

Live Lesson With Paul (Every fortnight!)

Experience a fortnightly live session that takes you deep into one of 12 key concepts vital in planning the second half of your life, including common pitfalls and techniques you can use to master the subject.

Live Q&A With Paul (Every Fortnight!)

Direct access to your instructor for personalised support as you transform your plans for the second half of your life. You’ll be able to ask questions, troubleshoot implementation tactics and get specific personal advice and coaching.

Accountability Coaching

Stay on track by working with our accountability coach throughout the program. You'll be implementing what you learn, as you learn it and making real progress week to week. When you complete the program, you’ll already have the made the changes to get the results you want.

Additional Resources

You'll have access to all of the lesson recordings as well as additional resources designed to support your transformation. Worksheets, self-assessment tools and specially designed meditations will help you absorb the course material and apply it in your life.


A personalised meditation created specifically for you, by me. Simply select the areas of your life you'd like to focus on, select your desired meditation length and we'll get to crafting your personalised meditation.


Discover the 8 strategies the greatest minds in the world use to ensure they stay consistently focused and motivated. Use this workbook to turn procrastination into motivation.


Learn how to design and implement your personal success routine. We'll work together to create a routine to deliver clarity, motivation and inner peace on a daily basis.

+ BONUS 4: Getting Unstuck Masterclass

Learn a straightforward process for getting yourself unstuck so you can move forward whenever you need to, no matter what it is that’s been keeping you stuck.

Live Mentorship

How to design the second half of your life


Paul Blackburn holding a laptop in his hands and smiling

Meet your instructor

Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn

Founder, Quantum Orange

Paul Blackburn is an internationally acclaimed leader in the human potential movement. During his 39 years as a success coach, author, instructor, and keynote speaker, Paul has taught more than 400,000 people on four continents how to reach their personal and professional potential.

Paul has trained over 350 life/business coaches, was appointed by the Australian Government to its business advisory panel, held one of the world’s most massive firewalks, and is a partner in a multi-million dollar business operating in 100+ countries (not related to personal development).

Paul’s client list includes Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 sales teams, professional educators and public speakers, CEOs of large corporations, and Australian Government departments. Dozens of Paul’s clients acknowledge him as the single most influential factor in their millionaire status, while thousands more claim that the practices and concepts taught to them by Paul helped them to overcome terminal illness, depression, and a host of other problems.

I used Paul’s services as a coach for my 350 team members during my business’s growth from $20M to $50M. After the company was sold, he was the obvious choice as my personal coach. Decades after we first met, Paul still stops me in my tracks with his insights and wisdom.

With the start of our new business, we have taken out a huge insurance policy using Quantum Orange's services to coach our key people. I laugh all the way to the bank when I think about Paul's contribution to my wealth, health, and, most importantly, happiness.

Bob Kent, Mont Marte International

For those of you who are considering personal development training but may be sceptical of the flood of 'formulaic' online self-help gurus, hear this...

I am a card-carrying skeptic, but I 'took the risk' and committed to this challenge. With Paul's guidance, I pushed a log jam out of my own river and got back into best practice again (and more!). I understand myself and my motivations more deeply, I feel revived and re-empowered. I also feel a renewed sense of trust that there are practitioners who truly have your best interest in mind.

Paul is an intelligent, skilled, empathetic and effective teacher. He is a person of integrity, takes pride in his work and sincerely cares that vou have measurable positive outcomes if you are willing to invest your time and money in him, and in yourself.

He will take care with you but will call 'bullshit' when he sees it. His primary motivation is to teach you to better understand self and learn to be eminently confident in your own driver's seat, on the road to the best possible you.

Take the leap! Highly recommended.

David Beverly

I was stuck in the depths of despair and giving myself a hard time.

Since completing the course I have strategies in place to move onto a more fulfilling life. Putting time aside to work on myself was a game changer and so simple and achievable.

Thank you Paul, the Team.

Janice McNamara

I hated myself and my life. I was lost, angry, lacking connection and happiness. Many failed attempts to create changes had left me feeling so hopeless I planned to die at 50.

Now, I'm genuinely happy. I've created deep connections with my loved ones and opened something inside me I’ve never felt before…

I’m whole, I feel happy and fulfilled.

Joy Bremond

Personal Transformation

Your True Personal Transformation Begins Here

Each fortnight, The Second Life Blueprint has a new subject that focuses on a key concept crucial for building a future you can revel in. We’ll walk you through it every step of the way.

What You'll get

The Second Life mentorship:

  • Learn the 12 key steps to designing and enjoying a fulfilling next chapter.
  • Fortnightly LIVE Lessons.
  • Support via the live Q&A sessions and members only website.
  • Your own Accountability Coach to keep you on track.
  • Weekly progress as you implement the concepts by completing the assignments.
  • Worksheets, self-assessment tools and meditations to lock in your learning.
  • BONUS 1: Your Personalised Meditation.
  • BONUS 2: Conquering Procrastination Workbook.
  • BONUS 3: Personal Success Routine Training.
  • BONUS 4: Overcoming Self-Doubt & Building Confidence Masterclass.

Get Started today for just



then 5 monthly payments of $297



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Money Back Guarantee 001


Our Risk-Free Guarantee

At Quantum Orange, we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why The Second Life Blueprint Mentorship is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the training in any way in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in the second half of your life, you probably have a nest egg saved up that you planned for.

But if I had to guess, I’d say you didn’t plan what to do with it or how you’re going to enjoy the result of decades of hard work.

This coaching program is like an investment strategy - using it you’ll be able to guarantee you experience happiness and fulfilment in the second half of your life.

If you want clarity, purpose and connection - this program is for you.


why quantum orange is different

There’s no shortage of people selling online education covering similar topics, but a Quantum Orange certification is unique because it’s been tested in the trenches. Our rule is: any technique we teach MUST work for better than 90% of the people we test it on. Only after overwhelmingly positive results do we bring it online into our teaching system - so you know it works before you start.

In other words, we aren’t spouting theories or methods copied from others in the field. Thirty-seven years of testing and measuring what we can do for ordinary, regular folks means we are practical, hands-on characters. If that sounds appealing, then welcome...

You’ve found your home.

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