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Transform Your Life By breaking YOUR worst HABITS In Just 21 Days

Learn how to develop confidence, discipline & personal power. You'll discover exactly how to implement keystone habits that will set you up for success for the rest of your life.

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Master Habit Change


Have you ever felt like all the discipline in the world wouldn’t help you?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that if you change your habits, you’ll change your life.

But instead, most people find themselves at the mercy of their habits - stuck in routines that are delivering unwanted results, with no idea how to successfully change them.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you know something you can’t see is driving your habits, but you don’t know what it is, much less how to deal with it?

Trust me when I say I get it - I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. Discouraging. Exhausting.

And it won’t be just one thing…

40% of your daily behaviour is habitual

That means nearly half of what you do is practically unconscious. When a habit forms, the brain stops fully participating in decision making.

So is your 40% helping you progress? Or holding you back?

Habits are really powerful - they shape our daily existence and design our future. They’re unparalleled predictors of long-term outcomes and absolutely crucial in determining happiness, wellbeing and success.

But there is good news…

The brain is literally built for change - with the right skills, we can reshape and rewire it, transforming the pathways that once held us back into highways delivering us precisely where we want to go.

And that's exactly what the 21 day Habit Change Challenge was  designed to do.

"You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell


Let’s go a little deeper, into what our 21 Day Habit Change Challenge will teach you, shall we?

Mastering your habits is easy when you have a proven, step-by-step framework.

Master Habit Change

Intent is rarely enough…but when you discover what works and what doesn’t in building healthy habits, you’ll be ready to transform your entire life.

Gain confidence you can do anything and seize control of your life by installing habits you consciously and deliberately design to set you up for success.



Learn how to implement keystone habits and create a chain reaction that triggers widespread positive change in all areas of your life.

When you master habit change, instead of relying on bursts of motivation and willpower, you’ll be able to create routines that effortlessly sustain you in being the best possible version of you.



With helpful habits in place, you’ll be more efficient, effective and strategic about your thoughts and actions - so you’ll reach your targets much faster.

We believe in you

and we'll help you to believe in you too

Master your life

If these sound familiar, you're in the right place

Most people find themselves at the mercy of their habits - stuck in routines that are delivering unwanted results, with no idea how to successfully change them.

You’re sick of your good intentions being obliterated by a lack of willpower

You know they won’t stick, but here you are, making them anyway, just promising a bit harder, telling yourself this will be the time you finally get on top of it all.

You’ve had it with falling off the wagon and are desperate for the momentum you see others harnessing.

You wish you had the discipline others have

You put in massive effort, but if you’re honest with yourself you don’t know if it’s in the right place, you’re wondering if you have what it takes to go to the next level, and it sure doesn’t feel like you’re the one directing this crazy ride…

You’re constantly getting in your own way

It’s obvious to even a casual observer that you are your own worst enemy and you’ve had enough of it. While others appear to go from strength to strength, you’re busy tripping yourself up but you have no idea how to stop.

You’re sick of constantly struggling

Ever felt like you’re busting your hump, working harder than ever, but still not making the progress you’d dreamed of or being the person you most want to?

Let Me Hold Your Hand

The 21 Day Habit Change Challenge is not just a framework. It’s a practical, step-by-step system for successfully mastering habit change.

I’m not just going to tell you what you should do. I’m going to hold your hand and walk beside you while you take every one of the steps needed to transform your relationship with habit.

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 habits changed

Results Created In


Wealth Creation

Healthy Eating



End Procrastination



Nail Biting


Getting Up Early

Quit Smoking



More Energy



Overcoming Adversity

Healing Trauma

Planning & Productivity



Alcohol Reduction

Personal Power

Finding Purpose

Overcoming Overwhelm


Living with Passion

Personal Success Routine


Time Management




Finding Direction


Are You ready?

  • Ready to discover what you can achieve when you master habit?
  • Ready to start living with confidence, discipline and personal power?
  • Ready to get on the wagon, glue your arse down and harness your momentum?

Take a leap and start working on a practical, step-by-step challenge that will transform your life…

Here's How The 21 Day Habit Change Challenge Works:

21 Daily Lessons

When the challenge starts, you’ll get a new video lesson from me covering one key concept every day. Each lesson builds on the last to help you master habit change - one simple step at a time.

Structured Action Steps

This is the ‘challenge’ part of the 21 Day Habit Change Challenge! In each lesson, you’ll get a short homework assignment designed to help you implement the concept in the lesson. You’ll need to complete it before the next lesson.

Live Instructor Support

I’ll be delivering live support during the daily videos as well as in the private Facebook group so you can clarify concepts, ask questions and get personal support, from me as you complete the challenge.

Community Support

Join an exclusive private community of people who are committed to mastering habit change. Together, the community will help motivate and build one another up to harness momentum and achieve maximum transformation.

Habit Tracker

People who track their progress achieve more and build new habits more successfully. Habit trackers hack the brain’s reward system, reassuring your brain while it wires new pathways to automate new habit processes for you.

+ BONUS 1: Your Personal Meditation

A personalised meditation created specifically for you, by me. Simply select the areas of your life you'd like to focus on in 2024, select your desired meditation length and we'll get to crafting your personalised meditation.

+ BONUS 2: Conquering Procrastination Workbook

Discover the 8 strategies the greatest minds in the world use to ensure they stay consistently focused and motivated. Use this workbook to learn how to turn procrastination into motivation.

+ BONUS 3: Personal Success Routine Training

Learn how to design and implement your personal success routine. We'll work together to create a routine to deliver clarity, motivation and inner peace on a daily basis.


I'm including my most vital (and popular) masterclass - Overcoming Self Doubt & Building Confidence. Stopping self sabotage and getting out of your own way will be a thing of the past when you are armed with this sessions.

In short, mastering habit change is the prerequisite to making any project work - whether it's a marriage, raising kids, building a business or staying healthy.

"Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.”

Hal Elrod


Who Should Join The Habit Change Challenge?

We know the challenge isn't for everyone. We designed it not to be. Here's a simple way to decide. The challenge is perfect for you if you're ready to:

Design (& Stick With!) A New You

With the help of a structured lesson program and the support of the challenge community, you’ll finally succeed at creating new habits that transform your entire life.

Gain Confidence, Discipline & Personal Power

When you’ve implemented habits you consciously and deliberately designed to set you up for success, you’ll have unlimited confidence, effortless self-discipline and an incredible feeling of personal power.

Reach Your Goals Faster

Discover the secret to hitting your targets lightning fast - with habit driving you forward, you’ll be efficient, effective and strategic.

Harness Your Momentum

Discover how to get your butt on the wagon and eliminate your old blockages so you can keep it firmly planted there. By harnessing your momentum, you’ll be able to move through life with the kind of ease you’ve been admiring in others for years.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

Learn how to implement keystone habits and create a chain reaction that triggers widespread positive change. When you do this, you’ll set yourself up for success for years to come.

Feel Good

You’ll be stunned by how good it feels to have your habits working for you, instead of against you. When you’re no longer struggling through and you feel genuinely positive, you’ll attract what you need, discover opportunities everywhere and be inspired by life itself.

Magic Pill Seekers

If you’re looking for a no money down, no effort necessary, no real commitment sort of ‘magic pill’ that will fix everything without you having to put in the work (20 mins day) ...

This challenge is not for you.

Learn How To break your worst habit in just 21 days.


Your life is the sum of your habits. 

Change your habits  change your life.

What You'll get


  • Strategies to Master habit and harness your momentum.
  • Step-by-step lessons delivered to you daily.
  • Daily progress as you implement the concepts by completing the assignments.
  • Support via the live Q&A sessions and members only Facebook group to ensure you master motivation.
  • Habit Tracker that will keep on task by harnessing the power of progress.
  • BONUS 1: Your personalised meditation.
  • BONUS 2: Conquering Procrastination Workbook.
  • BONUS 3: Personal Success Routine Live Training.
  • BONUS 4: Overcoming Self-Doubt & Building Confidence Execution Plan.

Course Details:

- Setting: Online
- Course Length: 21 days
- Expected Completion Time: 15 - 20 mins per day

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For those of you who are considering personal development training but may be sceptical of the flood of 'formulaic' online self-help gurus, hear this...

I am a card-carrying skeptic, but I 'took the risk' and committed to this challenge. With Paul's guidance, I pushed a log jam out of my own river and got back into best practice again (and more!). I understand myself and my motivations more deeply, I feel revived and re-empowered. I also feel a renewed sense of trust that there are practitioners who truly have your best interest in mind.

Paul is an intelligent, skilled, empathetic and effective teacher. He is a person of integrity, takes pride in his work and sincerely cares that you have measurable positive outcomes if you are willing to invest your time and money in him, and in yourself.

He will take care with you but will call 'bullshit' when he sees it. His primary motivation is to teach you to better understand self and learn to be eminently confident in your own driver's seat, on the road to the best possible you.

Take the leap! Highly recommended.

David Beverly smiling at camera
David Beverly


I have tried Dry January (no alcohol) for several years and failed miserably every year.

As a result of this 21 Day Challenge I am alcohol free and feeling fantastic.

Thank you Paul!

Stephen Mchard playing guiter
Stephen Mchard


This 21 Day Challenge came at the right time - I was stuck in the depths of despair and giving myself a hard time.

Since completing the course I have strategies in place to move onto a more fulfilling life knowing that I am responsible for changing my behaviour. Putting time aside each day to work on myself was a game changer and so simple and achievable. 

Thank you Paul, the Team and others on the journey.

Janice McNamara smiling at camera
Janice McNamara


I'm very happy with the long term benefits of the 21 Day Habit Change Challenge.

My healthy eating and significant weight loss have improved my health and wellbeing.

Robyn Reed smiling at camera
Robyn Reed


Best 14 days I've spent for a long time.

I've gained more knowledge and more important I've been practising self-awareness and controlling my reactions and turning them to positive responses.

THANK YOU Paul and other group members for your honestly and inspirations.

Volker smiling at camera
Volker Stoffels


Thank you for changing my life Paul.

Jennifer Bedford smiling at camera
Jennifer Bedford


Thank you Paul and Team. You said this challenge would be life changing. I'm feelin' it.

You have and continue to, deliver above and beyond.

Much appreciated.

Suzanne Walker smiling at camera
Suzanne Walker


Awesome. Thanks Paul and everyone else involved behind the camera.

Best $49 EVER!

Wayne Johnson smiling at camera
Wayne Johnson


2020 wasn't a good year for me emotionally or mentally, I was tired of being tired. The 21 Day Challenge with Paul Blackburn changed everything - by day two I realised it wasn't loved ones around me that needed to change it was me.

Now 21 days later I have a much deeper understanding of myself (emotions/habits) and my motivations, I feel empowered.

I am truly amazed with Paul's ability to explain things simply with integrity and passion. He genuinely wants and does help you to succeed.

Investing your time and money in Paul is an investment in you and your wellbeing. Thanks Paul and to all the others for such an amazing journey.

Michelle Peters smiling at camera
Michelle Peters
Paul Blackburn holding a laptop in his hands and smiling

Meet your instructor

Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn

Founder, Quantum Orange

Paul Blackburn is an internationally acclaimed leader in the human potential movement. During his 39 years as a success coach, author, instructor, and keynote speaker, Paul has taught more than 400,000 people on four continents how to reach their personal and professional potential.

Paul has trained over 350 life/business coaches, was appointed by the Australian Government to its business advisory panel, held one of the world’s most massive firewalks, and is a partner in a multi-million dollar business operating in 100+ countries (not related to personal development).

Paul’s client list includes Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 sales teams, professional educators and public speakers, CEOs of large corporations, and Australian Government departments. Dozens of Paul’s clients acknowledge him as the single most influential factor in their millionaire status, while thousands more claim that the practices and concepts taught to them by Paul helped them to overcome terminal illness, depression, and a host of other problems.

He is also the best selling author of Beyond Success and Resolving The Money Riddle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Starting 8th January, you’ll get a new lesson on my habit change framework every day. Each lesson builds on the previous to help you master habit change - one simple step at a time. They’ll average 5-10 minutes and will contain your daily task. Those assignments will take you between 10-20 minutes to complete.

The daily lessons and bonus resources will be delivered via the private Facebook community created for members of the challenge. You'll be able to connect with the other challenge-takers, ask questions, and get personal support directly from me.

21 Day Habit Change Challenge


Learn how to develop confidence, discipline and personal power. You'll discover exactly how to implement keystone habits that will set you up for success for the rest of your life.